Invest In Your Business

In today’s world, your two most valuable assets are time and money. As a business owner, how are you investing these into your business? River Valley spotlight knows that you need the most cost effective ‘bang for your buck.’ We can help by giving you a quick response your changing needs. Our direct mail gives widespread exposure for your business and a rapid return on your investments.

Let River Valley Spotlight put your business front and center so you can focus on profits.

Direct mail lets you be one of our featured advertisers and gives you the flexibility to choose your target locations.   Our direct mailers start as low as .09 cents per mailer and this includes all design, printing, mailing and marketing strategy consultation.   The value of River Valley Spotlight direct mail gives you a cost effective way to highlight your business.

Mailers start as low as .09 per mailer and No More Than .17 per mailer

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starting at .09 per mailer
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ending at .17 per mailer

design, printing , postage and marketing strategy

River Valley Spotlight

River Valley Spotlight direct mailers give your business widespread coverage of the entire River Valley or a selected area to fit your needs.  We can customize to your area in Pope, Johnson, Franklin, Conway Yell and Perry counties


River Valley Spotlight is a division of Scarlett Marketing & Design, which has proven methods of cost effective marketing to help businesses attain the best ROI to help grow their business. River Valley Spotlight will help you grow your business by doing exactly what it says.  Our direct mail marketing puts the spotlight on your business and spotlights the customers that are specific to your business. The expert designers can increase your visibility by customizing your advertising to your local business and customizing the focus to your local customers.

Direct mail gives you a cost effective way to highlight your company.  Business owners today need the best value for your hard-earned money. Direct mail actively puts your company’s information directly into the hands of your customer.   Our marketing and design team will provide you with the tools to build on your customer base.  The River Valley Spotlight reaches thousands in the River Valley for as low as nine cents per mailer.  This includes all design, printing, postage and marketing strategy.

Whether it is a Grand Opening of a new business or an ongoing reminder for your established business, a special sales event or seasonal promotion, we can give you the flexibility to change your message to fit your needs. Our clients are our focus so you can keep your profits in the spotlight.